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Bay Area Loop Service

Coos County Area Transit (CCAT) operates two loop services throughout Coos Bay and North Bend: the East and West Loops. Both routes have similar service hours between about 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


The CCAT Dial-A-Ride Program includes curb to curb service within the city limits of Coos Bay and North Bend, Bandon city limits, Myrtle Point, and Coquille. Call today to see if you are eligible: 541-267-7111.

Intercity connections

The Myrtle Point -Coquille Intercity Connector operates three runs per day Monday through Friday. The Lakeside–Hauser Route provides service between Lakeside, Hauser, North Bend, and Coos Bay – Tuesdays and Fridays. The Powers Stage runs to Myrtle Point, Coquille, North Bend, and Coos Bay every Thursday.

VA Shuttle

CCAT is providing shuttle service for our veterans to the cities of Roseburg and Eugene for medical appointments. Tuesdays and Thursdays service to Roseburg and Wednesdays to Eugene. Click the link for more information!

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Coos County Area Transit serving the county since 2004
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Coos County Area Transit Service District is a governmental entity without taxing authority providing public transit services through the county. A combination service of demand response, dial-a-ride and inter-community service in Coquille, Lakeside-Hauser, and Myrtle Point, with only demand response Coos County Area Transit is made possible through partnerships with city, county, state agencies, area employers and, of course, our riders.

The fixed-route Loop Bus service is designed for general public use but is also accessible by seniors and people with disabilities.

Dial-a-ride service is primarily aimed at solving transportation needs of elderly, disabled, and financially disadvantaged persons.

  • On Time

    Percent of loop buses running on time

  • demand response

    From the time a person calls for a pick up they are home within 30 minutes

  • Efficient

    Average daily percent of bus fleet available for service

  • cleanliness

    Average Quality Inspection scores for interior cleanliness


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