Board Meeting Agenda Mar 9 20

March 9, 2020; 8:00 a.m.
South Coast Business Employment Corporation
93781 Newport Lane, Coos Bay, OR 97420





5. CITIZEN COMMENTS ON AGENDA ITEMS (Limited to three (3) minutes per person)

Proposed Motion: Approve the minutes as presented.
Document: Minutes from February 10, 2020

A. January Report for CCAT
Background: The report provides information about how the budget was implemented for CCAT for FY2019. 
Recommendation: Receive and File
Document: CCAT Financial Report January 31, 2020


A. Award Legal Contract 
Background: CCATD posted on January 26, 2020 a request for proposals from qualified firms to provide general legal services with a deadline of February 24, 2020.  CCATD received only one proposal and it was from Stebbins & Coffey demonstrating the firm’s expertise and experience, a reasonable fee structure and Jane Welhouse Stebbins as our primary contact with the firm.
Recommendation: Move to award the legal contract to Stebbins & Coffey.

B. Award Audit Contract 
Background: CCATD posted on January 15, 2020 a request for proposals from qualified firms to provide financial audit services with a deadline of February 24, 2020. Two proposals were received in response to the Financial Audit Services RFP for Coos County Area Transportation District:  CliftoLarsonAllenLLP and Richard Maxwell CPA LLC. The committee rejected the CliftonLarsonAllen LLP proposal based on price.  The proposal from Richard Maxwell CPA LLC demonstrated experience, an acceptable work plan and reasonable fee schedule.  
Recommendation: Move to award award the financial audit services contract to Richard Maxwell CPA.

C. Update on Title Report Regarding Ocean Blvd property


A.  CCATD Budget Calendar
Background: Each year the Board of Directors reviews and approves the budget calendar for the CCATD. The calendar provides a detailed schedule of deadlines for the completion of the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget. 
Recommended Motion: Move to approve the 2020-2021 Budget Calendar.
Documents:  Budget Calendar

B. Resolution 2020-45: CCATD Budget Officer 
Background: Oregon budget law requires that a Budget Officer be appointed by the Board of Directors for each budget cycle. The Budget Officer is responsible for preparing the proposed budget for presentation to the Budget Committee, publishing required notices, and compliance with budget law. 
Recommended Motion: Move to approve Resolution 2020-45 appointing Melissa Metz as the Budget Officer.
Documents:  Resolution 2020-45 CCATD Budget Officer

C. Resolution 2020-46: CCATD Budget Committee
Background: To give the public ample opportunity to participate in the budgeting process, Local Budget Law requires that
a budget committee be formed that includes voters from the district. The budget committee
considers the budget proposed by the budget officer and comments made by the public and may make
additions or deletions. When the budget committee is satisfied, it approves the budget. 
Recommended Motion:  Move to approve Resolution 2020-46 appointing citizen members to the Budget Committee.
Documents:  Resolution 2020-46 CCATD Budget Committee (handout at meeting)

D. Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan Revision
Background: The Coos County Area Transportation District (CCATD) Board of Directors approved the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) on January 27, 2020. The revised PTASP provides for a temporary change to service which may be necessary due to an identified hazard. (The changes are in yellow highlight on page 32.)The current Coronavirus nationwide hazard prompted the recommended changes to the PTASP.  See page 32 of the PTASP below.
Recommended Motion: To approve the revisions to the PTASP as outlined on page thirty-two.
Documents: Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan Revised 3-9-20

E. Riders Guide Revision
Background: The Coos County Area Transportation District (CCATD) Advisory Committee were provided on February 24, 2020 the Revised Riders Guide. The revisions includes three minor changes designed to clarify information for passengers and staff:
1. Page 13- Process for passengers to make adjustments to schedule
2. Page 19- Process for passengers to cancel trips
3. Page 33 -Intermediate stop request
Recommended Motion: To approve the revisions to the Riders Guide as outlined above.
Documents: Revised Riders Guide

D. Seeking Board approval of the following invoices:
Background:  The General Manager has spending authority up to $10,000. All other purchases and contractual commitments which exceed $10,000 shall be approved by the Board.  All three invoices are allocated in the budget. 
  Creative Bus Sales $108,076.00; Funding Source 33772 Discretionary STIF Roseburg
  Schetky NW Sales $77,894.00; Funding Source 33478 STIF Project #3 Rolling Stock
  SDIS Insurance $38,482; Funding Source, primarily 33569 General Operating Grant 5310 
Recommended Motion: To approve payment on the invoices presented.
Documents: SDIS Insurance Invoice, Schetky NW Sales, Creative Bus Sales

E. Election Invoice
Background: All purchases and contractual commitments which exceed $10,000 shall be approved by the Board. The only allowable revenue stream to cover this expense is fare-box. The invoice is allocated in the budget; however, to avoid compromising needed cash flow the County has agreed to the following payment plan.
  Balance of Invoice 40,429.30
  March 2020 Payment -22,000
  April 2020 Payment -3,500
  May 2020 Payment -3,500
  June 2020 Payment -3,500
  July 2020 Payment -4,000
  Aug 2020 Payment -3,929.30
  Total Left due 0.00
Recommendation: To approve payment schedule on the invoice presented.
Documents: Election Invoice

F.  Appointment to Advisory Committee
Background: Mr. Samyukta Vendrathi submitted an application to serve on the Advisory Committee. Mr. Vendrathi’s application and resume files are included for review by the CCATD Board members.
Recommendation: To approve Resolution 2020-47 to appoint Mr. Vendrathi to the Advisory Committee
Documents: Application for Appointment, Resolution 2020-47

G.  Board of Directors Regular Meeting Dates
Background: Mr. George Dunkel, Administrator, Special Districts Association of Oregon (SDAO) provided information relative to the duties and responsibilities of board members and staff on 2/24/20. A resolution containing the scheduled dates for all CCATD meeting was one of the responsibilities outlined by Mr. Dunkel. The attached resolution contains the scheduled meeting dates for the remainder of 2020.
Recommendation: Review and approve the CCATD meeting schedule for the remainder of 2020.
Documents: Resolution 2020-48


A.  Florence Route Update

B. ADA Paratransit Service Corridor 

C. Modes of Transit Services
Documents: Power Point Slides

11. CITIZEN COMMENTS ON NON AGENDA ITEMS (Limited to three (3) minutes per person)


  •  Next Meeting – April 13, 2020; 8 a.m.