Seeking Consultant for Feasibility Study

The Coos County Area Transportation District (CCATD), is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to perform a feasibility study. The feasibility study will help determine service needs and details for a new route that will provide much needed access to services for vulnerable populations along the South Coast of Coos County to Douglas County.

Feasibility Study shall consist of:

  1. Public participation can be in the form of surveying, public meeting, and meetings with stakeholder groups. Participation may include the following: transportation providers, riders, social and governmental stakeholders, and representatives of Title VI populations (e.g., low-income and minority groups, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities.)
  2. Project Needs Assessment:
    • Identify any transportation needs not being met
    • Identify populations and locations needing transportation
    • Assess travel patterns, including origins and destinations
    • Assess the type of transportation needed
  3. Financial -Implementing Options and Outcomes
    • Determine the funds needed to begin service
    • Determine the cost of new services
    • Determine funding needs for long term financial planning
    • Produce marketing materials
    • Identify fund source(s) for continuation of service
  4. Implementation Plan
  5. Any additional requirements identified in the attached contract agreement number 33772.

Proposals should be submitted to
Coos County Area Transportation District
2810 Ocean Blvd
Coos Bay Oregon, 97420

Attn: RFP #Feasibility-2020-A

Proposals must be submitted and received by CCATD no later than 1 pm PST March 19, 2020.
Included in the information submitted should be:
􀀀 The firm’s areas of expertise
􀀀 Experience of the firm
􀀀 Proposed fee structure

Economy of presentation is emphasized.

CCATD reserves the right to accept or reject any and all Proposals or any item or part thereof, or to waive any informalities or irregularities in proposals. CCATD shall have the sole discretion to determine the most responsive and responsible Proposal. Should further information or clarification be needed, please contact me at (541) 267-7111 or email

Issue Request 3/12/2020
Proposals due to CCATD 3/19/2020 1:00 PM
Vendor recommended by staff 3/19/2020 4:00 PM
CCATD Special Meeting 3/20/2020 8:00 AM
Feasibility study due date 4/22/2020