Comment Requested

At the recommendation of the CCATD Advisory Committee, the CCATD Board of Directors will be considering on February 8, 2020 to accept the STF/5310 plan and the proposed fund allocation to services and programs representing 19% of the anticipated funding for the FY2021-23 biennium. These projects are designed to support all of our lines of service which directly support and meet the needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with at least one ADA station and we make the greatest effort to ensure we align our stops with locations that service our senior and disabled population (i.e. senior centers, medical facilities, shopping centers). This project will support deviated fixed route, demand response and our intercity lines of service; again, all of which we specifically plan and orient to serve these population groups. Comments on the proposed plan can be emailed to by February 5, 2020.