Pirate Express

July 15, 2016

Loop Services:

Adult:                                                                                                  $1.00

Children 6 – 17:                                                                              $ .50

Seniors over 62:                                                                              $ .50

Children under 6:                                                                           FREE

Included in the price is 1 (one) transfer to connecting loop bus. Transfer not valid back to same loop bus.

Anyone may request a route deviation.  Alternative or accessible formats of the schedules are available upon request.


Pirate Express

Stop Location1st Loop2nd Loop3rd Loop4th Loop5th Loop6th Loop7th Loop8th Loop9Th LoopStop Info
CCAT Office8:30 AM9:30 AM10:30 AM11:30 AM12:35 PM1:43 PM2:55 PM4:00 PM5:05 PM2810 Ocean Blvd.
Coos Health & Wellness8:33 AM9:33 AM10:33 AM11:33 AM12:38 PM1:46 PM2:58 PM4:03 PM5:08 PM281 Laclair St.
Walmart (Transfer)8:35 AM9:35 AM10:35 AM11:35 AM12:40 PM1:48 PM3:00 PM4:05 PM5:10 PM2051 Newmark Ave.
Schoneman & Newmark8:39 AM9:39 AM10:39 AM11:39 AM12:45 PM1:53 PM3:05 PM4:10 PM5:15 PM1075 Newmark Ave.
Empire USPS8:40 AM9:40 AM10:40 AM11:40 AM12:46 PM1:54 PM3:06 PM4:11 PM5:16 PM730 Newmark Ave.
Star of Hope8:42 AM9:42 AM10:42 AM11:42 AM12:47 PM1:55 PM3:07 PM4:12 PM5:17 PM657 Newmark Ave.
Schoneman & Newmark8:43 AM9:43 AM10:43 AM11:43 AM12:48 PM1:56 PM3:08 PM4:13 PM5:18 PM1075 Newmark Ave.
Medical Loop Deviation
Call for reservation
CB Library9:04 AM10:04 AM11:04 AM12:04 PM1:10 PM2:18 PM3:30 PM4:35 PM5:40 PM525 Anderson Ave.
Elrod & Golden9:05 AM10:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PM1:11 PM2:19 PM3:31 PM4:36 PM5:41 PM545 S 4th St.
CB Senior Center9:06 AM10:06 AM11:06 AM12:06 PM1:12 PM2:20 PM3:32 PM4:37 PM5:42 PM414 Ingersoll Ave.
DMV9:07 AM10:07 AM11:07 AM12:07 PM1:13 PM2:21 PM3:33 PM4:38 PM5:43 PM1155 S 5th St.
2nd & Johnson9:09 AM10:09 AM11:09 AM12:09 PM1:15 PM2:23 PM3:35 PM4:40 PM5:45 PM1007 2nd St.
Farr's9:10 AM10:10 AM11:10 AM12:10 PM1:16 PM2:24 PM3:36 PM4:41 PM5:46 PM1020 S 1st St.
VP Racing9:12 AM10:12 AM11:12 AM12:12 PM1:18 PM2:26 PM3:38 PM4:43 PM5:48 PM363 2nd St.
Downtown CB9:13 AM10:13 AM11:13 AM12:13 PM 1:19 PM2:27 PM3:39 PM4:44 PM5:49 PM290 S. 4th St.
4th & Central9:14 AM10:14 AM11:14 AM12:14 PM 1:19 PM2:27 PM3:39 PM4:44 PM5:49 PM495 Central Ave.
NBMC9:22 AM10:22 AM11:22 AM12:22 PM1:27 PM2:35 PM3:47 PM4:52 PM5:57 PM1900 Woodland Dr.
BA Hospital9:23 AM10:23 AM11:23 AM12:23 PM 1:28 PM2:36 PM3:48 PM4:53 PM5:58 PM1775 Thompson Rd.
Waterfall Clinic9:26 AM10:26 AM11:26 AM12:26 PM 1:31 PM2:39 PM3:51 PM4:56 PM6:01 PM1229 Waite St.
Nine loops Monday through Friday serving Coos Bay and Empire.