Cranberry Express

July 3, 2019
  • Adult:                                                                                               $1.00
  • Children 6 – 17:                                                                              $ .50
  • Seniors over 62:                                                                              $ .50
  • Children under 6:                                                                           FREE
  • Alternative or accessible formats of the schedules are available upon request.
 1st Loop2nd Loop3rd Loop4th Loop5th Loop6th Loop 
Bandon City Hall10:00 AM10:40 AM11:20 AM1:11 PM2:00 PM3:20 PM555 US-101.
Youth Center10:01 AM10:41 AM11:21 AM1:11 PM2:01 PM3:21 PM740 SW 11th St.
Community Center10:03 AM10:43 AM11: 23 AM1:13 PM2:03 PM3:23 PM1200 SW 11th St.
Youth Center10:06 AM10:46 AM11:26 AM1:16 PM2:06 PM3:26 PM740 SW 11th St.
Seabird & Lincoln10:15 AM10:55 AM11:35 AM1:25 PM2:15 PM3:35 PM2997 SW Lincoln Ave.
Bandon USPS10:21 AM11:01 AM11:41 AM1:31 PM2:21 PM3:41 PM105 SE 12th St.
Southern Coos Hospital10:24 AM11:04 AM11:44 AM1:34 PM2:24 PM3:44 PM900 SE 11th St.
Bandon McKays10:27 AM11:07 AM11:47 AM1:37 PM2:27 PM3:47 PM65 SE 10th St.
Ray's Food Place10:31 AM11:11 AM11:51 AM1:41 PM2:31 PM3:51 PM66 NE Michigan Ave.
Facerock Creamery10:34 AM11:14 AM11:54 AM1:44 PM2:34 PM3:54 PM680 SE 2nd St.
Art by the Sea Gallery10:35 AM11:15 AM11:55 AM1:45 PM2:35 PM3:55 PM145 SE Fillmore Ave.
2nd & Chicago10:36 AM11:16 AM11:56 AM1:46 PM2:36 PM3:56 PM230 SE 2nd St.