Budget Committee

March 9, 2020

The Budget Committee meets to review, discuss and make changes to the District’s proposed budget.

Every Budget Committee meeting has a public comment period. The public can provide oral or written testimony about the budget or proposed programs within the budget. A copy of the proposed budget is made available for inspection on our Public Meetings and Notices page and at South Coast Business Employment Corporation, 800 N Bayshore, Coos Bay, OR 97420.

The Budget Committee typically meets during the fourth quarter of the fiscal year at South Coast Business Employment Corporation. CCATD issues a public notice announcing the meeting times. After the Budget Committee makes its recommendations, the Board approves the budget after a public hearing.

The Budget Committee consists of the seven Board members and seven appointed volunteers who serve three-year terms. Members of the committee must be registered voters and live within Coos County.

​Everyone is welcome to attend a Budget Committee meeting.

Supporting Documents

Application to serve on Committee, fillable pdf right click and save to your hard drive
Local Budget Manual, pdf
Budget Calendar, pdf

Notice of Budget Committee Meeting, XXXX, pdf

REVISED LB 30 Budget 2022-23 April, 28, 2022, pdf

Form LB-1 Notice of Budget Hearing, pdf

Board members may be found on the Board of Directors page. Citizen members are listed below:

PositionNameTerm Expiration
1Garrett SherrillDecember 31, 2023
2December 31, 2023
3Abdoulaye DioneDecember 31, 2024
4December 31, 2024
5December 31, 2025
6December 31, 2025
7December 31, 2025