Pirate Express

July 15, 2016

Loop Services:

Adult:                                                                                                  $1.00

Children 6 – 17:                                                                              $ .50

Seniors over 62:                                                                              $ .50

Children under 6:                                                                           FREE

Included in the price is 1 (one) transfer to connecting loop bus. Transfer not valid back to same loop bus.

Alternative or accessible formats of the schedules are available upon request.


Pirate Express

Stop Location1st Loop2nd Loop3rd Loop4th Loop5th Loop6th Loop7th Loop8th Loop9Th LoopStop Info
CCAT Office8:30 AM9:30 AM10:30 AM11:30 AM12:35 PM1:43 PM2:55 PM4:00 PM5:05 PM2810 Ocean Blvd.
Coos Health & Wellness8:33 AM9:33 AM10:33 AM11:33 AM12:38 PM1:46 PM2:58 PM4:03 PM5:08 PM281 Laclair St.
Walmart (Transfer)8:35 AM9:35 AM10:35 AM11:35 AM12:40 PM1:48 PM3:00 PM4:05 PM5:10 PM2051 Newmark Ave.
Schoneman & Newmark8:39 AM9:39 AM10:39 AM11:39 AM12:45 PM1:53 PM3:05 PM4:10 PM5:15 PM1075 Newmark Ave.
Empire USPS8:40 AM9:40 AM10:40 AM11:40 AM12:46 PM1:54 PM3:06 PM4:11 PM5:16 PM730 Newmark Ave.
Star of Hope8:42 AM9:42 AM10:42 AM11:42 AM12:47 PM1:55 PM3:07 PM4:12 PM5:17 PM657 Newmark Ave.
Schoneman & Newmark8:43 AM9:43 AM10:43 AM11:43 AM12:48 PM1:56 PM3:08 PM4:13 PM5:18 PM1075 Newmark Ave.
CCAT Office8:47 AM9:47 AM10:47 AM11:47 AM12:53 PM2:01 PM3:13 PM4:18 PM5:23 PM2810 Ocean Blvd.
NBMC8:51 AM9:51 AM10:51 AM11:51 AM12:57 PM2:05 PM3:17 PM4:22 PM5:27 PM1900 Woodland Dr.
BA Hospital8:53 AM9:53 AM10:53 AM11:53 AM12:58 PM2:06 PM3:18 PM4:23 PM5:28 PM1775 Thompson Rd.
Waterfall Clinic8:56 AM9:56 AM10:56 AM11:56 AM1:01 PM2:09 PM3:21 PM4:26 PM5:31 PM1229 Waite St.
CB Library9:04 AM10:04 AM11:04 AM12:04 PM1:10 PM2:18 PM3:30 PM4:35 PM5:40 PM525 Anderson Ave.
Elrod & Golden9:05 AM10:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PM1:11 PM2:19 PM3:31 PM4:36 PM5:41 PM545 S 4th St.
CB Senior Center9:06 AM10:06 AM11:06 AM12:06 PM1:12 PM2:20 PM3:32 PM4:37 PM5:42 PM414 Ingersoll Ave.
DMV9:07 AM10:07 AM11:07 AM12:07 PM1:13 PM2:21 PM3:33 PM4:38 PM5:43 PM1155 S 5th St.
2nd & Johnson9:09 AM10:09 AM11:09 AM12:09 PM1:15 PM2:23 PM3:35 PM4:40 PM5:45 PM1007 2nd St.
Farr's9:10 AM10:10 AM11:10 AM12:10 PM1:16 PM2:24 PM3:36 PM4:41 PM5:46 PM1020 S 1st St.
VP Racing9:12 AM10:12 AM11:12 AM12:12 PM1:18 PM2:26 PM3:38 PM4:43 PM5:48 PM363 2nd St.
Downtown CB9:13 AM10:13 AM11:13 AM12:13 PM 1:19 PM2:27 PM3:39 PM4:44 PM5:49 PM290 S. 4th St.
4th & Central9:14 AM10:14 AM11:14 AM12:14 PM 1:19 PM2:27 PM3:39 PM4:44 PM5:49 PM495 Central Ave.
NBMC9:22 AM10:22 AM11:22 AM12:22 PM1:27 PM2:35 PM3:47 PM4:52 PM5:57 PM1900 Woodland Dr.
BA Hospital9:23 AM10:23 AM11:23 AM12:23 PM 1:28 PM2:36 PM3:48 PM4:53 PM5:58 PM1775 Thompson Rd.
Waterfall Clinic9:26 AM10:26 AM11:26 AM12:26 PM 1:31 PM2:39 PM3:51 PM4:56 PM6:01 PM1229 Waite St.
Nine loops Monday through Friday serving Coos Bay and Empire.