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April 30, 2020

Seeking Firm to Update Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan
Issued: 10-7-2021
Proposal Due: 10-22-2021
Contract Award: 11-8-2021
RFP #PLAN09.28.21


Q: Are there particular constraints driving the mid-March timeline for a draft plan, and is there any flexibility in the schedule?
A: There are no constraints driving the mid-March timeline for a draft plan except compliance of having an up-to-date plan. The proposer may recommend a revised timeline to facilitate an effective engagement process ; however, the District and Tribal Council desire a timely process.

Q: Could you elaborate on which committees you’d envision engaging, e.g., CCATD Advisory Committee? Does the TMP TAC include any additional representation you’d like to have for this plan? Is there a separate committee (or additional representatives) for the Coquille Tribe and/or would meetings be joint?
A: Meetings would be joint to the extent services and geographic areas overlap with the exception being the Tribal Council having their own separate meeting to address specific tribal needs. The parties to include in the outreach plan: the Advisory Committees of both the Coquille Tribe and the District, and the entities contacted in the last Coordinated Human Services Plan. Many of the TMP TAC members are on the Advisory Committee or are being recruited to be on the CCATD Advisory Committee.

Q: What level of detail / breakdowns would you like for the fee proposal?
A: Sufficient detail to justify pay points and hourly rate

Q: Could you provide a copy of the federal contract clauses referenced on p. 7 of the RFP?
A: Attached

Q: Are there sample contract terms that we can review and if not does that mean you’d be open to negotiating them upon selection?
A: Both parties are open to negotiating contract terms.

Q: There are 3 points in which the consultant would be making presentations – Task 4, Task 6 and Task 7. Do you prefer that all 3 presentations happen in-person? Or can one or two of them be conducted virtually?
A: Currently meetings are happening virtually as a standard operating procedure. Yes virtual meetings are within scope.

Seeking Management Services
Posted on September 23, 2021
Coos Area Transportation District is still seeking General Management Services. The General Manager is the mouth piece for the board of directors and has a tremendous impact on the vitality and success of the District. Please find the Request for Proposals and additional position information here.